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В радиусе 181 км
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Pallet board ( pino )
160 €/м.куб. FCA  
Оптовая цена
140 €/м.куб.
Пк Золотое Зерно, ООО, RU
Pallet board pine not ostrogann to natural humidity 22х95х1300 Pallet board pine not ostroganny natural humidity 22 * 80 * 1200 Pallet board pine...
Offer database of sawmills from Belarus. pine spruce
50 €/шт
Бел-Домагус, ИООО, BY +1 объявление
Offer database of sawmills from Belarus. They produce lumber from pine and spruce
Bar 95 * 95 * 3000 Pine (Grade 3)
90 €/м.куб. FCA  
Оптовая цена
85 - 89 €/м.куб.
Bar 95 * 95 * 3000 Pine (Grade 3)
125 $/м.куб. FCA  
Оптовая цена
120 - 125 $/м.куб.
Merkata, ООО, UA +1 объявление
We ready to produce and supply pine sawn timber from Ukraine. AD, KD available. Sizes on request. Interesting in a long partnership. Details by...
В радиусе 190 км от Александрии
Industrial pellets produced from pine and spruce sawdust
105 €/т
СеМалДрев, ООО, BY, 94 км
We’re producing 6mm industrial pellets from pine and spruce dust as well. Our current production volume is 2000 ton per month. Our pellets are FSC...
Charcoal pini kay
570 €/т
KRUK, Ay, FI, 120 км
Kruk LLC produces and sells charcoal in Ukraine and abroad. The raw material for the production of our products is environmentally friendly wood...
Machine Rounded poles ( Ukraine) виноградный столбик
115 €/м.куб. EXW  
Оптовая цена
от 115 €/м.куб.
IMEX-WOOD, ООО, UA, 181 км
Machine Rounded poles pine ( Ukraine). Оцилиндрованные колья Садовые столбы
Wood agent offers help for buyers to buy lumber pine spruce
1 €/шт
Бел-Домагус, ИООО, BY, 181 км +1 объявление
Wood agent from Belarus offers help for buyers to buy lumber from pine&spruce . Details you can see on lumber specialized website and contact by...
Rounded poles (pins, logs, bars ) made of pine.
130 $/м.куб. FCA  
Оптовая цена
125 - 190 $/м.куб.
Стрильчук С.Ф., ФЛП, UA, 181 км
UA Ukraine. Our company is ready to offer you products, focused on the construction, agricultural and other markets. Namely: rounded poles (pins,...
135 $/м.куб. FCA
Merkata, ООО, UA, 181 км +1 объявление
Pine timber from Ukraine. EXW, FCA, CIF, CFR. Cheap dead pine lumbers. Contact for details:
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